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Modular Mobile Education: Science Experiments

In this project 10 institutions from 5 different European countries (IT, UK, PT, GR and TR) came together to make an international consortium.


The aim of this consortium is to contribute to the generalization of innovations and improvement of science and technology teaching at basic experimental vocational training.

Basic work packages are;

Present situation in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal and UK and need analysis,


Designing a mobile science laboratory (MSL)


Constructing web site,


Vocational education trips to rural region,


Evaluation of the project and valorisation activities.

The vocational education is going to be given to the target group (the science and technology teachers in rural regions) with a Mobile Science Laboratory (MSL) and a web-based network.







[12 May 2010]


Science Fair of Mehmet Akif Primary School (Yozgat)



[07-12 May 2010]


School Robotics Course



[22 March 2010]


Science Fair in Akdağmadeni



[23 February 2010]


Mobilim Evaluation Report (pdf)



[14 September 2009]


Final Meeting will be held at Yozgat, Turkey, on October 6-7 2009.|details

Download the conference program


[27 July  2009]

Italy Kick Off Meeting and Workshops 

 | more


[1 Agust  2008]

Grece Kick Off Meeting and Workshops 

 | more

[2 June 2008]

Portugal Kick Off Meeting and Workshops  | more

[1 Mar 2008]

United Kingdom Kick Off Meeting and Workshops 

| more

[4 Feb 2008] Staff Expenditure Form | download

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