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Modular Mobile Education: Science Experiments

There are great disparities between the opportunities of science teaching in urban and rural regions in Turkey. One of the important reasons for these disparities is the gap in the pedagogical and vocational knowledge of the science teachers.

The flexibility and accessibility of mobile science laboratories (MSL) together with science fairs will provide opportunities for teachers to support them with vocational education and will raise their pedagogical skills as well.

In this project 10 institutions from 5 different European countries (IT, UK, PT, GR and TR) came together to make an international consortium. The aim of this consortium is to achieve the scientific and pedagogical integrity with Europe and to contribute to the generalization of innovations and the introduction of the new techniques in the area of science and technology teaching. The objectives are;

  •  to prepare a network of teachers interested in laboratories and science teaching techniques,

  • to provide medium for discussion to make it possible to exchange ideas and experiences,

  • to obtain some new ideas for science fairs,

  • to develop internet supported training courses for the use of science teachers in rural regions,

  • to reach out to the teachers in rural region schools who have no laboratory facilities and to offer them the means of teaching science through laboratory experiments with MSL to do face-to-face training courses which focus on the recent experimental paradigms in the area of science teaching and to donate them with the relevant supporting pedagogical principles.

Scientists, curriculum planners and science teachers from rural regions are the beneficiaries of the project. An effective web-based network is planned for science teachers in rural region.

Beneficiaries will design a mobile science laboratory (MSL) and develop a curriculum program for science education in rural regions. In order to colloborate and set up a dialogue through continuing education with European science teachers and educators, some workshops will be organized for beneficiaries. In this project, the focus is on the science and technology laboratories of 6th 7th and 8th grades.  

At the end of the project; we aim at gathering the right knowledge for developing a MSL, science fairs, workshops, meetings, science museums, national an international symposiums and conferences for the science teachers particularly for those in Yozgat, TURKEY.





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