5th International Conference Hands on Science Hsci 2008
Recife, Brazil
October 13-17, 2008

4th International Conference on Hands-on Science 2007
Development Diversity and Inclusion in Science Education
23rd - 27th July, 2007
Ponta Delgada, Açores, Portugal

3rd International Conference on Hands-on Science

Science Education and Sustainable Development
September 4-9, 2006
Universidade do Minho, Braga,Portugal

Conference Papers By Title (2006)

 2006 Yýlý Bildiriler Kitabý Ýçin Týklayýnýz 


Three years of activities of the Hands-on Science network. Towards a better Science Education
Manuel F. M. Costa

The Hands-on Science Project: Perspectives of an Adventure
P. G. Michaelides


Hands on Physics and Biology in House of Science
L. Gumaelius and K. E. Johansson

Hands-on Experiments with Bird's Models
Ana Paula Moreira, Jacinta Kellen, João Matos, Inês Cardoso and Manuel F. M. Costa

Gravitropism Hands-on Device
Sarantos Oikonomidis, Vassilis Grigoriou, Nikos Kaponikolos, Stavroula Kanavi and George Kalkanis

Young Children’s Ideas about the Heart
Suzanne Gatt and Melanie Saliba

The Impact of Müller Cell Reactivity During Retinal Degeneration
Sheel Tyle

The Process of Digestion as Chemistry. The Horrible Experiment of Dr. William Beaumont
Erik Van Haegenbergh


A Survey of Properties of Solutions at the Olimpíadas de Química Júnior
Bento, M.F., Bettencourt, A.P., Geraldo, M.D. and Oliveira, R.

The Colour of the White
M. Apresentação Queirós and Teresa S. Domingues

Teaching the History of Chemistry in a Freshman Chemistry Course
Salete Queiroz and Flávio Rezende

Scientific Articles Reading and Out-of-Class Essay Writing in a Scientific Communication Course
Salete Queiroz and Gelson Santos

Inter and Intra-Molecular Bonding: Teaching and Learning Approaches in the Secondary School Cycle
Graça Mª Rocha, Teresa M. Santos and Margarida Mª P. Osório

Web-based Curriculum Materials for Decision Making about Socio-Scientific Issues: The Example of Trace Chemicals in Drinking Water
Andrie S. Ioannou and Constantinos P. Constantinou

The Final Fate of Heavy Metal Residues: The Chromium Compounds. An Environmental Approach
Cândida Sarabando, Teresa M. Santos and M. Clara F. Magalhães

Contributions for the Undergraduate Chemistry Students’ Formation Given by the Reading of one of Latour and Woolgar´s Text
Salete Queiroz, Dulcimeire Zanon and Maria José Almeida

Promoting Argument in Chemistry Classroom
Salete Linhares Queiroz and Luciana Passos Sá

The Organic Chemistry in Secondary School Education: Perceptions and Proposals
Sérgio Leal, Maria Faustino and Artur Silva

How to Engage Science Students Using Demonstrations
Hugh Cartwright

Results of the Leonardo da Vinci Project “Hands-On Approach to Analytical Chemistry for Vocational Schools”
N. Gros, M. F. Camões, M. Vrtačnik and A. Townshend

Direct Biomass Conversion of Cellulose to Ethanol for Alternative Fuel Development: A Molecular Cloning Approach
Sujay Tyle

Student’s Learning about Acid/Base. A Case Study Using Data-logging
Liliana C. G. Cr and M.G. T. Cepeda Ribeiro

Hands at Water
M. Apresentação Queirós and Teresa S. Domingues

Using Microscale Techniques as a Cost-Effective and Time-Effective Alternative to Conventional “Hands-On” Practicals
Stephen Breuer and Tony Rest

Strategies for Developing Scientific Literacy about Petroleum in the Chemistry Syllabus
Sónia Rocha, Joaquim Esteves da Silva and Duarte J. V. Costa Pereira

Promoting Students’ Learning About Covalent Bonding. A Case Study in Grade 10
Dominique Azevedo Costa, M.Gabriela T. Cepeda Ribeiro and Aquiles A. Barros

Private Lessons in Chemistry – 12th Grade Students’ Perception
Andreia Sousa Guimarães and M. Gabriela T. Cepeda Ribeiro

Dimerization Study of Carbonyl Compounds mediated by Cr(II)
Alicia Reyes-Arellano, Alcives Avila Sorrosa, Alberta de la Rosa Ibañez, Héctor Salgado-Zamora, Javier Peralta Cruzo

Computer Science

The Role of Physics Knowledge in Learning IT. An Educator’s View
Iryna Berezovska and Mykola Berchenko

Exploring Entrepreneurship from an Educational Perspective: A Case Study
Nada Khatib

Development of a Variable Frequency Power Electronics Inverter to Control the Speed of a Three-Phase Induction Motor
Pedro Nuno da Costa Neves and João L. Afonso

A Pedagogical Approximation to the Problem of the Structure of the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter
T. Manzanera, J. Sánchez-Lacasa, M.J. Núñez, G.J. Molina-Cuberos and J.M. Zamarro

The New Projects Achieved for Development of Romanian School
Alexandru Cociorva and Liliana Violeta Constantin

Implementation of a Virtual Photovoltaic Panel Experiment: Implementation and Pedagogical Impact
J. Silva, L. Serra, A. Kudala, V. Fonseca and S. Lanceros-Méndez

Introducing SCORM Compliant Courseware in Slovenia
Sasa Divjak

The Progress of the Science and Technology Integrated in Romanian Web Pages
Dan Despa and Liliana Violeta Constantin

Using Multiple Language Multimedia Resources to Support “Hands-On” Practical Science for Schools, Colleges and Universities
Daniel Cabrol Bass, Jean Pierre Rabine, Colin Osborne and Tony Rest

Education with ICT Tools
Bhagya Rangachar

New Fuzzy Logic Library – Implementation of a Fuzzy Logic Controller on a PC under Soft Real Time Constraints
Fernão Sena Lopes, Ana Ferreira and Armando Sousa

From Simple to Complex but What is Simple and for Whom?
Hermann Härtel

The Scientific Experiments Database
Eleni Kyriaki

Data Acquisition and Processing in School Laboratories Using Virtual Instrumentation - A Tutorial
Radu Sporea

Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality in Science Education. A Tutorial
Radu Sporea

Recoil Project and Colab Modelling Tool
Ernesto Martín, Jose Miguel Zamarro and Miguel Celdrán

Introducing Computer Assisted Modelling In The Physics Curriculum: Learning Physics by Building Simulations
María Jose Núñez, Gregorio J. Molina, Jose Miguel Zamarro and Ernesto Martín

Categorization of Computer Based Models Representations, Made by Students, Through the Development of Evaluation Criteria
Michalis Michael, Loucas Louca and Constantinos P. Constantinou

Web Evaluator for Students – A Case Example
Andreia M. A. Brízida, Liliana B. Castro and João L. Afonso

Conceptual Learning

Affordable and Efficient Science Teacher In-Service Training
Athanasia Margetousaki and P. G. Michaelides

Geometric Reasoning and Proof Problems in Geometric Dynamic Environments
Ana Breda, Teresa Neto, Cecília Costa and Nilza Costa

Student’s Learning about Chemical Kinetics. A Case Study of Real-Time Graphs
Fernanda Esteves and Cepeda Ribeiro M.Gabriela

Students from a Secondary School and their Teacher Learn more about Water and Soil Pollution Working with Scientists
Cecilia Costa Azevedo, M.Gabriela Ribeiro and Joaquim C.G. Esteves da Silva

Professional Development for Science Teachers through Partnerships between Teachers and Scientists
M. Fernanda A. Resende, M.Gabriela T. Cepeda Ribeiro and Paulo J. Almeida

Data-Logging in Primary Schools: Studying Thermal Equilibrium
António Miguel Silva

The Enigma of Science Education: Integrating Contemporary Research and Practice
Salman Ansari

Who’s Afraid of Electricity? Virtual Laboratories for the Understanding of the Electric Field Concept
G. Andrês, L. Serra, A. Kudala, V. Fonseca and S. Lanceros-Mendez

A Web-based Inquiry Environment for the Development of Environmental Decision-Making
Georgia Michael, Eleni A. Kyza and Constantinos P. Constantinou

Supporting Students’ Reflection in Data-rich, Inquiry-based Investigations: A Multiple-case Study Report
Eleni A. Kyza, Georgia Michael and Constantinos P. Constantinou

Enhancing Student Learning with Interactive Physlet- and OSP-Based Curricular Material
Mario Belloni and Wolfgang Christian

Five Cornerstone Strategies to Make Science Classes More Enjoyable
Seda Yamanlar

An Innovative Approach to Promoting Science with Young Children
Isabelle Gatt, Suzanne Gatt and Melanie Saliba

Conceptual Change in the Topic “Earth in Space” Based on an Interdisciplinary Approach of Physical and Natural Sciences in Basic Education
Luís Miguel Pereira Freitas and Manuel J. C. Sequeira

The Importance Teacher’s Produced Syllabus Curricula: New Perspectives of Geography Learning
Ana Claudia Ramos Sacramento

Hands-on Experiments

Step-by-Step Scientists
Gabriela Botelho, Alice Carvalho, Alice Dias and Isabel C. Neves

The Joy of Science
Mónica Silva and Isabel C. Neves

Construction of a Water Flow Energy Generator Prototype
Pedro Simeão Carvalho and Ana Paula Lima

Experimental Devices Made by Students and Experiments Realized with Them
Enache Maria,Grigorescu Luminita, Serbanescu Ovidiu, Mainescu Mihaela, Grempels Mirela, Gherla George, Dumitrescu Dian and Banisor Liviu Cristian

Method and Set-up to One-step Recording Rainbow Holographic Art Exhibits
Radu Chisleag and M Leg

Seawater Electrolysis is Used to Use Energy from Solar Radiation
José Manuel P. Silva, M. J. Sottomayor and M.Gabriela T. Cepeda Ribeiro

Having Fun Learning about Chemical Kinetics
Fernanda S. Esteves and M. Gabriela T. Cepeda Ribeiro

Hands-on Experiments for Primary Schools Using Temperature Sensors and Data-logging
António Miguel Silva and M. Gabriela T. Cepeda Ribeiro

Hands-on Experiments in Chemistry
Cláudia S. Santos, M.Gabriela T. Cepeda Ribeiro and Nuno Mateus

Handmade Series Direct Current Motor
Delfim Pedrosa and João Sena Esteves

Slewing Crane With Electromagnet
Delfín Pedrosa, Joel Crespo, Daniel Costa and Joao Sena Esteves

Computer-Controlled Model Railroad
Nino Pereira, Hélder Castro, João Sepúlveda and João Sena Esteves

Electromagnetic Shoot
João Sousa, Gabriel Rocha and João Sena Esteves

Induction Coil Gun
Vitor Matos, Luis Silva and João Sena Esteves

Miniature Thermoelectric Power Plant
Antonio Moreira, Ricardo Freitas and João Sena Esteves

Microcontroller-Driven Hydrogen Car
Hugo Queirós, Antonio Lafuente and João Sena Estevez

Traction System for Electric Vehicles Using a Variable Frequency. Three-Phase Induction Motor Driver with Regenerative Braking
Pedro Nuno da Costa Neves and João L. Afonso

Discovering Electric Circuits. An Experimental Lesson
M.F. Bento, A.P. Bettencourt, M.D. Geraldo, R. Oliveira, and C. Cruz

Solubility: An Experimental Lesson
M.J. Araújo, M.F. Bento and R. Oliveira

A Hands-on Water Drainage and Underground Water Contamination
Dimitrios Sotiropoulos, Sarantos Oikonomidis, Nikolaos Voudoukis
and George Kalkanis

Four Hands-on Activities Obeying the Inverse Square Law
Sarantos Oikonomidis, Dimitrios Sotiropoulos, , Nikolaos Voudoukis
and George Kalkanis

Estimating the Absolute Zero through Thermal Expansion of Air
Dimitrios Sotiropoulos, Sarantos Oikonomidis, Despoina Ponirou, Nikolaos Voudoukis and George Kalkanis

Studying Thermal Equilibrium Using Temperature Sensors and a Film Canister
Sarantos Oikonomidis, Dimitrios Sotiropoulos and George Kalkanis

The Odyssey of a Plastic Bottle in the School Laboratory (Or How the Worthless Can Become Useful)
Leonidas Tzianoudakis, Yiannis Siskakis and Sofia Papagiannaki

Observe, Ask and Do. Learning Guides. Exhibitions Exploration Tools
Teresa Pereira, Joana Oliveira and Paulo Trincão

The Programme of Fábrica and its Communication with the Exterior
Paulo Trincão and Filipa Assis

The Learner as a Co-creator through Collaborative. Task-based Learning of a Hands-on Experimental Apparatus and Potential Media
Sarantos Oikonomidis, Vassilis Grigoriou, Dimitrios Sotiropoulos, Vasiliki Serepa and George Kalkanis

Invent an ET ! An Interactive Strategy Regarding the Theme of Communication and the Five Senses
Victor M. S. Gil, M. Helena Caldeira, M. Clara San-Bento Santos, M. Cristina G. Pinheiro, Teresa B. Fonseca, Lina M. Ferreira, M. Cristina Monteiro and Dário Fonseca

Scientific Toys and an Introduction to Scientific Concepts at Different Levels
M. Clara San-Bento Santos, M. Cristina G. Pinheiro, Lina M. Ferreira, Teresa B. Fonseca, M. Cristina Monteiro, M. Helena Caldeira and Victor M. S. Gil

Innovative Multivalent Kits on Optics and Astronomy
M. Helena Caldeira, M. Clara San-Bento Santos, Lina M. Ferreira, M. Cristina G. Pinheiro, M. Cristina Monteiro, Dário Fonseca and Paula Cruz

The Kitchen is a Laboratory
Alexandra Nunes, Ivonne Delgadillo and Paulo Trincão

Undergraduate Experiments with Sound Waves
M. J. M. Gomes, M. Pereira, C.I.S. Alves and S.A.S. Rodrigues, A.C.C.C. Amorin and M.S.V. Machado

Superconductors as a Study Stimulus
M. Pereira, M. J. M. Gomes and M. Vasilevskiy

Hands-on Experiments in Physics in Primary School
C.I.S. Alves, S.A.S. Rodrigues, A.C.C.C. Amorin, M. J. M. Gomes, M. Pereira and M.S.V. Machado

Glass Fusing: An Art and Science Connection
Paulo António da Costa Monteiro, Rosa Maria Oliveira and Maria Clara F.Magalhães

Van de Graaff Generator
A. J. Martins

How Hands on Science Has Successfully Helped to Motivate and Improve English Levels in Our Secondary School
Kevin McNeill

Electromagnet and Switchboard for Slewing Crane
Delfim Pedrosa, Patrício Teixeira and João Sena Esteves

Radio-driven in-door surveillance system
Ruben Ribeiro, Ricardo Almeida, Carlos Saraiva, Ricardo Sampaio and Eduardo Pinto

H2 driven radio controlled car
Paulo Silva, Fábio Cardoso, Paulo Plácido and Eduardo Pinto

The Verification of the Preservation of the Total Mechanical Impulse Law through the Impact of Objects in Plane Surfaces
Adriana Doina Mateiciuc and Paul Gabriel Dogaru

Hands-on Diffraction
Carolina Magalhães and Pedro Pombo

Hands-on Sound
Carolina Magalhães and Pedro Pombo

Hands-on Holography
Pedro Pombo, Filipe Nogueira, Carlos Azevedo, Filipa Sequeira
and João Lemos Pinto

Hovercraft: Science or Amusement?
Gustavo Andrês, Marta Machado and Vicente Fonseca

The Luminiscence of the Ultrasounds
Stefureac Crina, Lemandroiu Paul and Dana Raluca Postamentel

Measuring The Archimedic Force Through Scales Method
Stefureac Crina, Cercel Simona Maria, Gavan Alin and Dana Raluca Postamentel


A World to Discover, A Passion to Fulfil
Carlos Usón Villalba

Scalar and Vector Quantities
Lucian Constantin Vladescu

An Adventure in the Web: “Escher Finding the Infinite”
Patrícia Alexandra da Silva Ribeiro Sampaio

Formal and Informal Learning in Mathematics and Science
Sandra Turra and Graziano Scotto di Clemente

Hands on Maths: Kits for Class and Home
M. Clara San-Bento Santos, M. Cristina G. Pinheiro, Lina M. Ferreira, M. Cristina Monteiro, M. Helena Caldeira, Victor M. S. Gil, Rui Tocha, Rui Soares, Dulcínia Santos, Cremilda Novo, Ana Silva and Telmo Soares

Fractal Analysis of Histological Slides and Micro-relief Images of Skin Neoplasia
Alberto Valencia Hipólito, Eva Ramón Gallegos, Jorge Chanona Pérez, Domínguez Cherit Judith, Manuel F. M. Costa and Gutiérrez López Gustavo

Mathematics and affectivity
Raquel Reis


Physics and Creativity in Fluid Dynamics
L. Violeta Constantin

Historic Experiments on Internet. Trying to Find New Answers to Old Questions
Eleni Kyriaki, Lamprini Papatsimpa and Panagiotis Dimitriadis

Hands on Science Activities in Slatina
Elena Vladescu

The Coriolis Pinball
L. Farina-Busto and T.P. Iglesias

Learning the Basics of Light and Optics. A Comenius 2 Project Proposal
Manuel F. M. Costa

Chladni Plates: A Hands-on Energy Activity
B. Vázquez Dorrío, S. Rodríguez Muñoz, A. Rodríguez Lago and J. Diz Bugarín

Density of Liquids by Measurements in Pressure Differences
J.A.Ibáñez-Mengual, R.P. Valerdi-Pérez and J.A.García-Gamuz

A Space Education Hands-on Experiment Using the Principle of Action and Reaction in Elementary School
Norma Teresinha Oliveira Reis and Nilson Marcos Dias Garcia

Particle Physics Goes to School
K. E. Johansson

Development of a Low Cost Digital Energy Meter
José G. O. Pinto and João L. Afonso

On the Feasibility to Include Contemporary Science Concepts in the Primary School Curricula. A Retrospection into Two Case Studies
Miltiadis Tsigris and P. G. Michaelides

Introduction to Fiber Optics and Telecommunications
Manuel F. M. Costa

Bringing the heavens closer: Astronomy and astrophysics from seven up
Alejandro Gangui

Forty Sho(r)ts on Einstein: A Film Contest
Mário Almeida, Luís Cunha, Senen Lanceros-Mendez, Bernardo Almeida, Mikhail Vasilevskiy and Vicente Fonseca

Undergraduate Experiments on Electromagnetism
S.A.S. Rodrigues, C.I.S. Alves, A.C.C.C. Amorin, M. J. M. Gomes,
M. Pereira and M.S.V. Machado

A Web Site about Historic Experiments: Following Faraday’s Steps Using Microcomputer Based Labs (MBL)
Lamprini Papatsimpa and Panagiotis Dimitriadis

Virtual Laboratories on the Subject “Abortion and Emission of Radiation”
L. Martins, L. Serra, A. Kudala, V. Fonseca and S. Lanceros-Mendez

Data Acquisition Experiments for Earth Science Lessons
Elena-Mihaela Garabet and Ion Neacþu

Using Narrative Stories in Teaching Science
Maria Michaelidou, Lucy Avraamidou,Marios Papaevripidou and Constantinos P. Constantinou

Teaching Physics Using Students Previous Ideas and Experimentation
A. M. Ribeirinho and S. Lanceros-Mendez

Hands-on Experiences for High School Students
Jorge Ferreira and António Cadilhe

Two Names Definitely Entered in the History: Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Laura Pesclevi and Liliana Violeta Constantin

Biohazard’s Solar System 2.0
Vasile-Cornel Vîlvoiu

Kit and Method for Experiments in Physics/Mechanics
Dias Tavares, Jr. and R.J.M. da Fonseca

Hands-on Activities with LEDs and Light
Nikolaos Voudoukis, Sarantos Oikonomidis and George Kalkanis

New Technologies Applied to Science Learning Methods
Akhilesh Nair

Charging and Discharging of a Capacitor (Using TESS with the PHYCON Computer Interface)
Akhilesh Nair

Alternative Introduction of the Basic Concepts of Special Relativity
Faraco Gemma and Giuseppe Nistico

Modern Art and Physics. A Didactic Experiment
Gabriela Bancila

2005 The International Year of Physics Reflected in a Poster Exhibition
Gabriela Bancila Doina Turcus

Exploring Children’s Spontaneous Ideas of Magnetic and Gravitational Fields Hands on Exhibits
Francesca Bradamante and Marisa Michelini

Hands-on Universe–Europe
Roger Ferlet

How Solving Physics Problems May Help Inducing Experimental Abilities in Pupils
Radu Chisleag and M Leg

The Physical Experiments through Smil Technology
Marián Kireš, Zuzana Ješková and Rastislav Adámek

Hands-on Experiments in Physics in Secondary School
A.C.C.C. Amorin, C.I.S. Alves, S.A.S. Rodrigues, , M. J. M. Gomes, M. Pereira and M.S.V. Machado

Hands-on Spectrum Lines. Introducing Microscopic Quantum Explanations of the Emitted Photons to Non-Physics Major’s Students

Vassilis Dimopoulos and George Kalkanis


‘Laboratory of Educational Robotics’. An undergraduate course for Primary Εducation Teacher-Students
Simos Anagnostakis and P. G. Michaelides

Using Robotics in Classroom: LEGO MindstormsTM and Physics
José Cardoso Teixeira

New Approach: Industrial Automation Technologies in Turkey
Kerem Tolga Saatcioglu and Servet Toprak

Science Fairs

Didactical History of a Science Fair
Antonio Gregorio Montes

Hands-on Science in Olabide Ikastola
Miren Edurne Abad Arrieta

Our First Adventure in Science
Vera Machado, Francisca Herdeiro, Raquel Machado, Ana Sofia Monteiro and Matilde Gonçalves

Electric Power Generating Bicycle
Nuno Brito, Luis Ribeiro and João Sena Esteves

Alternating Current and Direct Current Generator
Pedro Portela, João Sepulveda and João Sena Esteves

M.F. Bento, A.P. Bettencourt, M.D. Geraldo, R. Oliveira

An Overview on Chemistry at the Olimpíadas de Química Júnior
M.F. Bento, A.P. Bettencourt, M.D. Geraldo, R. Oliveira

An Alliance between the Theatre and the Science of Primary School Teaching
Augusta Marques and Carlos Fragateiro

The Week of Science and Arts at “Batalla de Clavijo” Secondary School
Carmen Arnedo Franco and Antonio Guillén Oterino

Interdisciplinary Science: An Interpretative Exhibition
R. Villar Quinteiro and B. Vázquez Dorrío

Sciences in your Hands: An Exhibition
S. Rodríguez Muñoz, A. Rodríguez Lago and B. Vázquez Dorrío

Crina Þtefureac

A cycle-ergonometer
Manuel F. M. Costa

Environment and Sustainable Development

Learning Communities in Education for Sustainability: A Pathway for Success in Adult Education
Conceição Courela and Margarida César

Environmental Research Activities in an Heavy Industrialized Region
Javier Redondas

Initial Findings of the “UNIQUE and UNIVERSAL’’ Project
Nilgün Erentay and Mehmet Erdoðan

Landscape in Science Education
Przemysław Charzyński and Zbigniew Podgórski

Issues of Environmental Risk Management in the Greek Schools
Theodore Antoniou and P. G. Michaelides

Optional Environmental Education in the Greek Schools
Theodore Antoniou and P. G. Michaelides

Funiculars. Science on Tracks
Manuel F. M. Costa and E. Kyriaki

“Solar Energy - Awareness & Action”: Describing the developments of the 1st year of a Comenius school partnership project.
Nektarios Tsagliotis and Esperança Fernandes

Renewable Energies. Solutions for Our Future
Manuel F. M. Costa and Rui Vila-Châ Batista

From a Planetary Emergency to the Construction of a Sustainable Future
Amparo Vilches and Daniel Gil-Pérez

“Geology in Action”. An Education for Sustainability Project
Paula Silva

Science Education for Sustainable Development: A Concrete Experience in the Secondary School of Vieira do Minho
Rui Manuel Vila-Chã Baptista

The Physical Discovery of the Environment
M. J. Monteiro Rodrigues and S. Lanceros-Mendez

Experiences for the II European Youth Ecoparliament Project
Javier Redondas

Promoting Ecological Education among Students
Mihaela Dumitrescu, Elena Nedelea, Silviu Oniceanu and Iulian Dinu

“An elf story”. Environmental Education on Elementary School
Margarida Quinta e Costa, Cristina Lopes Ferreira and Maria Ana Vasconcelos

Science Education across Europe and the World. Public Understanding

SUPERCOMET2: Superconductivity to Motivate Students to Learn Electromagnetism
José M. Zamarro, Luisa M. Fernández, Lucía Amorós and Francisco Esquembre

The Xplora Portal – A Gateway to Science Education
L. Massoli, K. Sarnow and I. Sir

The “UNIQUE AND UNIVERSAL” Project Exploring and Sharing our Ecosystems through Scientific Processes
Nilgün Erentay and Mehmet Erdoðan

Integrating a Complex View of the Customer into the Quality Assurance Systems of Institutions of Higher Education
Kitti Schwartz and Judit Vágány

Science Education in Poland. Challenge for New Millennium
Przemysław Charzyński and Zbigniew Podgórski

Education in Physics in Romania. Critical review
Clementina Timus

Cultural Diversity at School
Cátia Patrícia Silva da Costa Brito

Validation of the Composite Costumer Image in Quality Management of Higher Educational Institutions
Kitti Schwartz and Judit Vágány

Teaching Science in Primary School: Serbian Experience with the Project “Ruka u testu” (Hands-on, La main à la Pâte)
Stevan Jokic

School' Science Education and Scientific Research

Teaching Electrical Engineering through Demonstration of Real Devices and Computer Modeling: Electromagnetic Gun and a Miniature Circuit Braker
Dejan Krizaj, Samo Penic, Drago Tacar and Borut Drnovsek

Science Teacher Beliefs about Contents and its Relation with the Practice. A case study in the Context of Chilean Education.
Saúl Contreras Palma

Beliefs of Chilean and Spanish Teachers’ About Scientific Knowledge and Scholar Knowledge: First Advance
Ximena Vildósola and Saúl Contreras

Learning Geographic Space by Using Documents
Jerusa Vilhena de Moraes and Sonia Maria Vanzella Castellar

European Science Teachers: Scientific Knowledge, Linguistic Skills and Digital Media
Piedad Martín, M. Carmen Pérez-Landazabal and Lina Sierra

Strategic and Financial Issues of University-Based Knowledge Centres in Hungary
Cecília Dr. Szigeti and Csaba Dr. Lentner

Hungarian Research Teachers Association
Cecília Dr. Szigeti, Gábor Kiss and László István Dr. Lagzi

Spanish Science Teachers’ Attitudes about Social Dimension of Science and Technology: First Advance
Ximena Vildósola, Josep Castelló and Paloma García

The Subject “Satellites” on Portuguese Primary School Development of a Pedagogical Model
Luis Carvalheiro, Yoshihiro Amasaki and Maria Dolores Manso

Inquiry Activities in Science Teaching: A Proposal for 8th Grade Students
Ana M. Freire and Mónica Baptista

Interdisciplinary and Interactive Learning Environments in the Science Teaching-Learning Process in Secondary Schools
Helena Libardi, Ana Maria Coulon Grisa, Maria Alice Reis Pacheco, Odoaldo Ivo Rochefort, Valquíria Villas-Boas, Simone de Fátima Tomazzoni Gonçalves, Jocelei Maria Brinker and Cristina Cemin

Teachers and Children Exploring Their Worlds Together: Working with Children’s Ideas in Early Science Education
Charly Ryan, Lynda Fletcher, Bridget Egan and Helen Clarke

Development of optical experiments for blind students
Vivian Camara and Raul José da Fonseca

UNESCO SchoolNet: ICT-based teaching and learning of science and math in Asia-Pacific Region
Alexa Joyce

The Theory Practice Gap: Building a Sociological Bridge
Joel Felizes, Ana Marques, Emília Araújo, Ana Brandão and Manuel F. M. Costa

The Challenges of EU Enlargement on Science Literacy and Development

Science Literacy and Development in the European Union
Manuel F.M Costa

Scientific Literacy and Citizenship
Suzanne Gatt

The Path to European Integration as a Mechanism for Quality Improvement in Science and Technology Education
P. Constantinou

WEB Resources on Science Literacy
Dan Sporea and Adelina Sporea

Developing Scientific Literacy by Laboratory Work and its Reporting
Radu Chisleag

Science Teaching in Teacher Education. Dilemmas and Possible Solutions
Anni Heitzmann

Promoting Scientific Literacy in Malta. A Practical Perspective
Ivan Mifsud Bons, Joseph N. Grima and Suzanne Gatt

The Management of a Hands-on Design and Technology Competition for Students
Jacqueline Pace and Edmund Pace

Hands-on Activities in Science Education
Katalin Papp and Katalin Virág

Exploring Learning Processes in the Informal Context of the Exhibit “Games, Experiments, Ideas”
Marisa Michelini and Alberto Stefanel

Activities Organized by the “Global Science” Club within the “Hands on Science” Project
Enache Maria, Musat Mariana, Negut Simona, Florea Mihai, Florea Gabriel and Chivu Marius Gabriel

Science Literacy and Life-Long Learning

Formation of Young Scientists. The Educative Mission of the Senior Scientists
Clementina Timus

Scientific Literacy versus Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning: A Case Study
Teresa M. Santos, M. Lourdes Pereira and Ana Paula Saraiva

Helpdesk for Older Women Caring for their Mothers or Mothers in Law
Dr. Rosemarie Kurz

Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking.An Opportunity for Scientific Literacy
Luminita Chicinas and Simona Bernat

LENA: Learning in Post Professional Phase
Rosemarie Kurz

RIPE APPLES: Social Intervention and Health of Older Women
Rosemarie Kurz

Education, Training and Participation for and with Senior Citizens
Rosemarie Kurz

More about GEFAS
Rosemarie Kurz

The Reading Crisis in the Context of Education Turning Virtual. Approaches and Possible Solutions
Elena Mănucă, Paula Gheorghiu and Sevastian Alexandru

Science and Arts. The Sc-Art Project
Manuel F. M. Costa and Alan Clark

The Role of Information Technologies in Changing the Attitudes of Adults in the Period of Transition towards a Knowledge-Based Society
Radu Chisleag

About ICT in Education and Lifelong Learning
Mihaela Garabet

Opportunities and Limitations of the Interdisciplinarity in Possible (Non) (In) Formal Contexts
Elena Mănucă, Paula Gheorghiu, Sevastian Alexandru and Ana Maria Gansac

The IT-Based University-Language-Learning - Some Reflexions
Coralia Ditvall

Strategies on Lifelong Learning
Dan Sporea

Slovenia Experience Using Videoconference Technologies in Long Life Learning
Sasa Divjak

Who – or What - Is the Teacher? How Artificial Intelligence Will Control Lifelong Learning
Hugh M. Cartwright

How to Increase Attention's Efficiency in the Learning Process
Constantin Lucian Vladescu

Learning for Life
Stanca Catalina and Gheteu Mariela

Learning from Forum Theatre Experiences - Tools for Practitioners -
Florina Rizoaica

Scientific Literacy as Part of Lifelong Learning
Gaetano Bugeja and Suzanne Gatt

Learning How to Learn
Elena Vladescu

Life Long Learning and Science in Portugal
Manuel F. M. Costa

The Scientific Literacy and EU' Development. The Importance of Lifelong Learning
Manuel F. M. Costa

Supporting Hospital Distance Learning Activities: Some Theoretical Aspects
B. Spyropoulos

The Permanent Education. An Ideal of the Democratic Society
Liliana Violeta Constantin

Attribute Decision Making Field’s Promotion
Cornel Resteanu and Silviu Vasile

Student – The Ever Lasting Condition in a Knowledge Based Society
Clementina Timus

Science Museums and In-School Science Education. Bridging Formal and Informal Learning of Science

Indoor Interactive Science Museums in School
B. Vázquez Dorrío and R. Villar Quinteiro

Interactive Exhibit with Hands-on Experiments as Motivating Elements to Introduce Image and Sound
Mikiya Muramatsu, Claudio Furukawa and Cecil Chow Robilotta

Ocean Phenomena
A B. Moiteiro, C. Santos, M. Castro and M. J. Gatinho

Image Formation and Hand Drawn Holograms
Mikiya Muramatsu, María Alicia Caussat and Héctor Rabal

Start Right from Very Young: Promoting Life Science Awareness in Early Childhood
Raquel Gaspar

The Role of Science Centers and Museums in Teaching Science
Shraddha Kothari and Abhay Kothari

A Low Cost Science Toy Workshop under the Banyan Tree
Abhay Kothari and Shraddha Kothari

Science Centres and Science Museums Together Towards a More Valuable Role in the Public Understanding of Science
M. Helena Caldeira, Ermelinda Antunes, Lucília Brito, Carla Borges, Lina M. Ferreira, M. Clara San-Bento Santos, M. Cristina G. Pinheiro and Victor M. S. Gil

The Importance of Personalization in School Visits to a Science Center
Manuel Valença and Paulo Trincão

The Joy of Knowledge Sharing: Two Examples of Teachers, Researchers, Students and Science Centers Interaction
Conceição Santos, Maria Gatinho, B. Moiteiro, Octávia Santos, Guadalupe Jácome, M. Quinteiro, Florbela Rego, Isabel Mata, Luis Matias, Conceição Abreu and João Estêvão

An Integrated Approach to Attracting and Stimulating Third Level Physics Students
Siobhan E. Daly, Cathal Flynn, Robert G. Howard, Laura N. Walsh and Brain Bowe

Light Project
Inês Mendes and Paulo Trincão

XLAB: The Most Advanced Experimental Laboratory for Young Scientist
Eva-Maria Neher

The Access of Women to Science

Women and Science
Manuel F. M. Costa

Gender in Hands-on-Science. Benefits for Schools, Research and Industry
Ulrike Petersen and Barbara Schwarze

Gender Preferences and Science Career Choice
Claire Micallef and Suzanne Gatt

Inviting Women to Physics and Engineering
Manuel Cuiça Sequeira and João Dias Baptista

The Access of Women to Science
Manuel F. M. Costa

Robots - Girls´ Hidden Passion?
Ulrike Petersen, Gabi Theidig and Monika Muellerburg

Searching for Socio-Economic Patterns in the Role of Woman in World Society
A. Rúa, C. del Campo and B.V. Dorrío

Women in Science: How to Improve Their Presence in Hard Sciences
Elza da Costa Cruz Vasconcellos and Sandra Negraes Brisolla

Girls and Science Teaching
Adelina Spore